Why do so many Population Health             initiatives fall short of expectations...?

The unhealthy status of so many Americans has led to many payer and provider sponsored population health initiatives. There is significant opportunity to reduce health risks, increase self-management, and slow the progression of chronic disease.


Unfortunately, millions of those who need help are only participating at a minimal level, if at all - they aren't engaging and they aren't achieving meaningful health improvement.

What's the answer...?

Results-based engagement strategy with more business discipline and better consumer marketing. That's our value proposition.

Engagement has been defined as a top priority issue for the industry, but most population health vendors, health plans and health systems don’t address it as if it is.  We help our customers to do so because it is our main focus.  We use our broad market perspective and meld it with consumer insight on what stimulates consumer health behavior change and business process on how to deliver relevant content and interactions. 

We help your initiatives achieve meaningful outcomes that deliver on your business objectives

We help to enhance product offerings, improve marketing outreach and strengthen selling strategies, so you can deliver better levels of engagement.  


As your engagement strategy consultant, we will collaborate to strengthen your value proposition, sharpen your targeting, enrich your messaging approach and fine-tune your promotion.  

We don't create Population Health programs, 

we help make them better


The Engagement Gap


There's a large Engagement Gap sitting between the many well-intended and well-designed population health programs and the often resistant or indifferent populations to whom they are geared to help. 


The program offerings are usually very good, but the efforts to stimulate the "demand side" of the patient or member market that would be helped by the programs generally fall short and too often fail to produce sufficient behavior modification or health outcomes.


We provide strategic marketing guidance to efficiently and effectively connect with consumers in meaningful and relevant ways through well-designed communications and promotion.


We also look at the process flows of the "systems" that serve up and deliver programs.  We identify "leaks" that hinder the natural effectiveness of the systems and design solutions that help generate greater interest and drive better action toward health behavior change.

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   Why Healthcare Matters

focuses on the critical importance of physician and patient accountability in achieving effective healthcare. 

The book provides strategic guidance to help influence positive change and meaningful outcomes.

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