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Frank Hone has temporarily re-opened Healthcentric Partners, Inc., while between jobs.  Until recently, he was VP, Engagement at Healthx, a market leader in digital platforms, including online portals and mobile apps, in the payer market.  


His consulting work applies a unique blend of experience from consumer advertising, healthcare marketing, data analytics, insight generation and engagement strategy.


With 25 years of healthcare strategy and consumer marketing experience, and particular emphasis on engagement, Frank has helped clients better connect with their patients and members by leveraging business models that help improve “action-oriented engagement” toward achieving defined business objectives.  


He served as Director of Sustainable Engagement at Healthways where he led efforts to elevate engagement as a discipline, give it stronger context, and develop a customer-focused strategic framework.  He was the organization's thought leader and evangelized across the enterprise, in the market and with a variety of customers.      


Part of his skill set is drawn from a career in consumer advertising and healthcare marketing at New York-based ad agencies, where he held a series of progressively more senior roles moving from packaged goods account executive to new product development marketing consultant to direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising expert for pharmaceutical clients, to global healthcare branding leader.


His 2008 book, Why Healthcare Matters: How Business Leaders Can Drive Transformational Change, is an Employer's Guide to Healthcare Consumerism.   Prior to Healthcentric Partners, he served as Director of Sustainable Engagement for Healthways and before that was Director, Global Business Group at Ogilvy Healthworld, a leading global healthcare communications network.


He is a Boston College grad (Economics and Communications), and earned his MBA from Columbia Business School in NY, where he had the privilege to study under W. Edwards Deming.



Why Healthcare Matters: How Business Leaders Can Drive Transformational Change is an Employer's Guide to Healthcare Consumerism.


Why Healthcare Matters was written for employers who believe that they can play an influential role in driving healthcare change by guiding their workforce toward better health and well-being through relevant health education fueled by appropriate interventions.


It offers a big picture perspective on healthcare in the US, outlines the many problem areas and provides a set of practical solutions and strategies.


The book explores an array of contributing factors and competing interests that have fed the decline in the healthcare system and led to out-of-control health costs, higher disease incidence and sub-optimal medical care.


Why Healthcare Matters offers an insider’s view on the nation’s growing healthcare crisis with ideas for change. It calls on corporate leaders to more actively participate in the transformation of healthcare in the US by devising more innovative strategies to approach employee health behavior change.





The Well-Being Strategy Blog covers an array of topics related to sustainable engagement, consumer insight, communication planning, healthcare consumerism, strategic process and more. 




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Why Healthcare     Matters

   Why Healthcare Matters

focuses on the critical importance of physician and patient accountability in achieving effective healthcare. 

The book provides strategic guidance to help influence positive change and meaningful outcomes.

An Employer's Guide to Healthcare Consumerism

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