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Essential to all engagement efforts is a solid communications strategy and plan.   It should span an entire year and include a mix of mass, targeted, tailored and personalized messaging to convey both the broad-based story about employee health goals, and relevant details on the various program offerings.  Digital engagement via online portals and mobile apps is essential.




In the advertising business, we talked about Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action (AIDA) - the four phases of audience message penetration. This concept also applies to the way communications plans are designed and rolled out for population health. Too often, there is a tendency to try to sell the whole story in a single piece of communications, and that doesn't work very well.



Consumer Decision Pathway


One would think it shouldn't be so hard to get people to recognize the importance of good health, but bad habits are hard to break.


Individuals need to navigate their own rational and emotional barriers to set and advance their goals.  Recognizing these challenges to change is important in crafting the messages. It takes concerted and sustained communications to saturate an audience and achieve intended impact of your business objectives.



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   Why Healthcare Matters

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