Engagement Strategy

Engagement strategy is not well defined for most population health programs.   It is difficult to do because there is a complex array of strategic, tactical, behavioral and psychological factors that come in to play and impact how individuals respond and react. 


Success is more likely to be achieved by those who elevate population health to a higher strategic priority in their organization and have true purpose about it.  It's also important to have an effective process that guides individuals through assessments and programs that are right for them, and strong promotion with both broad-based campaigns and targeted outreach efforts, to help deliver on the overall performance of the efforts.


The same sort of business discipline that is standard practice in strategic marketing campaigns needs to be applied to population health strategies.

Better Engagement


Our Consumer Engagement Model (left) helps frame the linear flow needed to move individuals along the continuum toward active participation.  This also graphically illustrates how the various component parts work together and need to be well integrated in designing and delivering programs.



Behavioral Economics and Incentives


Many consumers need an appropriate “nudge” or gentle push in the right direction to get on board with available programs.  There are many ways to do this, but the industry has too often fallen prey to the “easy” path of paying for participation. 


Incentives can have a place, but need to be considered in the context of the whole picture.  There are many smart approaches from the field of Behavioral Economics that deserve greater attention, especially Choice Architecture and Loss Aversion, which need to be explored.

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