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As companies continue to broaden their health promotion strategy from targeting high risk individuals to reaching the entire population, more emphasis is going to defining, developing and promoting health improvement and outcomes. Doing this effectively requires a skill set that can deliver behavior change solutions. We have designed a number of services to help our customers achieve their goals.

Design Thinking Process Flow

Our strategic projects typically follow a "Design Thinking" sequence as highlighted below.  Every customer situation does have nuances and unique circumstances, but most follow a common pattern. 


We scope out our project plans to meet your strategic objectives, and set a game plan with a clear and effective process to get us there.  We'll organize internal ideation sessions, stakeholder interviews, interim briefings and outline scenario planning options.


Our recommendations are focused and actionable.  They'll enable you to hit the ground running with new and improved strategies and tactics.

Strategic Roadmaps

Our work helps accelerate progress using strategic roadmaps that organize and align efforts.  It takes a different set of strategies and tactics to permeate the entire population with messages, interventions and encouragement. 


Our consumer advertising concepts and Engagement Model can be instrumental in building an approach that will help accelerate positive change.

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Why Healthcare     Matters

   Why Healthcare Matters

focuses on the critical importance of physician and patient accountability in achieving effective healthcare. 

The book provides strategic guidance to help influence positive change and meaningful outcomes.

An Employer's Guide to Healthcare Consumerism

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